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Archives & the People

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An Archives is a collection of historical records and the location in which the collection is kept. Archives contain records (primary source documents) which have accumulated over the course of time of an individual or an organization lifetime. Records and documents are backbone of any institution and organization. Archival records are basically important because of its evidential and administrative value and also for its uniqueness. It gives the clear picture of any decision which took place at any point of time in the past. These records helps researchers to have an idea and logic behind the decision.

To create archival awareness among the general masses and to facilitate a user friendly interaction with the scholarly community, the Delhi Archives has thrown open its gates to the general Public for familiarization of various wings of the Department such as- Research Room, Library, Stack Area, Reprography Section, Conservation Section, Digitization Section, General Administration Branch, Bhagat Singh Archives & Resource Centre etc.

The department also emphasizes on the events like exhibitions, seminars, book discussion sessions, symposia etc. as archival awareness programmes.