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Digitalization & Micro-filming

Digitalization & Micro-filming of records & subsequent to be put on the web-site of the Department through customized software for retrieval of the digital information

       The management of electronic records is recognized as one of the vital underpinning elements in the government's modernization programme, and is a key to the government target for online service delivery. It will also be facilitating in helping organizations to meet the requirements of the Right to Information Act. To achieve the goal and to make the department more modern & scientific ; to keep the archival records intact for a longer period ; and for prompt access and retrieval of information/records by the users, the department is converting all its archival collection into digital/ micro-film format in a phased manner on out-sourcing basis. The department is also uploading the digital records on e-Abhilekh portal from time to time through customized software with a vision to givequick access to the users. Under the project, 4 crore pages of records has to be digitized and microfilmed. The project was inaugurated by the Hon'ble Deputy Chief Minister, Delhi on 31st August, 2017. Till August 2020, approximately 3.70 crore pages of archival records have been digitised, out of which 2.16 crore pages are available on the e-Abhilekh portal for the users.